Monday, April 20, 2009

Chester CHAIR-ity Auction

Recently the Design Department was invited to participate in the Chester CHAIR-ity Auction. We were asked to make a chair for the special fund raising auction.
Buck and Gary scoured the factory for an old chair. They found a chair at least 50 years old! If only chairs could talk! They brought it to the modeling shop where Joey, John and Frank put their cleaning, wire brushing and building skills to work. Joey used modeling shop wire to build a shelf to hold a ONE of a kind Fiesta piece!
Tim and Karen Cunningham jumped right in to this project. Karen designed the art for the Fiesta pie baker using all Fiesta colors, including our new lemongrass!
They took the chair home, painted the metal part lemongrass. Karen tore apart an old Fiesta fabric cushion that was in the art department for years, washed it and designed the new cushions. John cut the tops from Fiesta salt shakers for the back buttons.
They all did a fabulous job!
This chair is hand signed (under the seat) by everyone in the Design Department.
It will also be signed by the owners of the company.
It includes;
Two potholders
and the
Fiesta pie baker
(the only one made)
The event is May 2nd
at the Chester Municipal Building
Chester, WV
Rigatoni dinner 4:00 PM-6:00 PM

The CHAIR-ity Auction will start after dinner.
ALL proceeds to fund
the Jack Owens special needs playground!
What an awesome CHAIR-ity!
Many other chairs will be available too.
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I will try to answer your questions and or connect you to people that can answer specifics.

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  1. Judi, this chair is awesome, and your art department did a fabulous job. What creativity!!! What beautiful "Fiesta" colors. I hope it brings lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$. xoxoxo